Re: the Oct. 4 guest column "Problem is lack of morality, not too few gun laws."

Ken Rineer, Executive Director of Gun Owners of Arizona, recently said the Las Vegas shooter's weapon was an automatic rifle. Not so. It was a semi-automatic assault type weapon modified to make it fire like an automatic rifle. The rest of his editorial is misleading as well, e.g., giving dates that different gun laws were enacted but neglecting to say there are many ways those laws are circumvented on a regular basis- gun shows, private sales, trading guns, etc. The thrust of his article is right on - morality - and his answer is leadership. Morality is a good point. Who with good morals would want to circumvent existing gun laws. His other point - leadership - is also a good point. Leadership is sadly lacking in America today. Will members of Congress finally stand up to the NRA and work on a bi-partisan answer to gun violence. Don't let another Sandy Hook, or Aurora, or Orlando massacre take place because "now is not the time to talk about gun violence".

Jerry Lujan


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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