Re: the Jan. 11. article “Trump balks at deal on immigrants, derides their countries with vulgar term”

The Star rushed to have a "Breaking news" story saying Pres. Trump derided some countries using the term "s___t hole." Well, in many cases that is what they are, and why their people flocked here. The Star does not think that other Presidents have ever used any "vulgar" language? Most of the public now commonly uses "vulgar" language.

Some will cite the Statue of Liberty's stuff about bringing us your poor, etc. Well that inscription was placed on it a hundred years later. The statue was given to us by France to celebrate our 100th centennial birthday celebrating independence and freedom, nothing to do with immigrants.

The dirty little secret about legalizing and providing citizenship to those who are illegally in the country is purely political, not humanitarian. Democrat politicians know that at least 70% of them will become future Democrats, thereby expanding their base and power!

Rick Hanson

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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