Re: the Dec. 6 column "Politicians manipulate deficit label for their own benefit."

The Democrat's argument that the tax plan explodes the deficit is a smokescreen, their real fear is that the tax cut will actually work because Americans always vote their pocketbook. Jonah Goldberg's column addressed how politicians manipulate the deficit discussion but the Dems have exposed the elephant in the room — entitlements. The 2017 Trustees Report to Congress on Social Security and Medicare are sobering and scary.

These annual reviews provide the best estimates, based on current factors, of the future health of these programs. Combined with Medicaid, these mandatory social safety nets constitute over 50 percent of the federal budget and trust reserves will be depleted by 2030.

EVERYONE, including the 45 percent who pay no federal income tax, should hope that these tax cuts work to boost economic growth, otherwise, the only way to feed the elephant is through higher payroll taxes, cuts in benefits or a combination of both.

Tom Gensler


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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