Re: the May 13 letter to the editor "Let's recognize some good progress."

My evaluation of the facts and logical thinking have led me to a different conclusion than the letter writer.

She does know the National Enquirer is owned by Trump's friend David Pecker, right?

Few good results will come from a president who lies every day, has no ethics, honor, compassion or loyalty. His methods are not just controversial. They are cruel, abhorrent, self-centered and racist. He is an attack on the Environment,Diplomacy, the Press,Democracy and the Rule of Law. He has somehow neutered the Republican party. The United States is under attack from within by Trump and his "Swamp Creature" cabinet members and by Trump's boss Putin (Hence no criticism of Putin). Trump makes no effort to protect us from Cyber-invasion.

So excuse me if I resist working with Trump to make the U.S. into the Fourth Reich.

Sue Rowen

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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