Donald Trump has chosen to not act as the president of the United States, but rather as a self serving, dysfunctional dictator. He does not act as the servant of all the people — performing his duty in order to preserve and protect their rights and their. He does not act in keeping with the traditions as develop and expressed by the many truly great presidents who preceded him.

He separates out our citizens based on their subservient to him, to his whims and his expressions of self love. He abuses his status in order to enrich himself and members of his family. He has disregarded the obligations and honor granted to him by the people. He should either change his behavior, or resign. We can only hope that his constitutionally mandated replacement will better serve the people; that the gravity of this action will lead them to pay attention to their better angels, as Trump has not.

Sidney Owsowitz

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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