Re: the May 15 guest column "Palestinian deaths continue with US financial support of Israel."

It was sad that the Star published Abby Okrent's column without another less biased response. The conflict in Israel is not simple. When the UN declared a two state solution in 1948 every Arab country declared war on the Jews. The Palestinians were told by their own people to flee with a promise that they could return when the Jews were driven into the sea. Atrocities occurred on both sides.

Atrocities continue to occur on both sides. Palestinians are taught in their schools to hate all Jews. Jews live in fear that terrorists will bomb their homes. The reaction by the right wing in Israel has been to subject the Palestinians to harsh and hurtful controls. But every time Israel has relinquished control, Hamas as lobbed missiles into Israel. Hamas uses its people as human shields. Israel has the right to exist. The solution isn't simple or one-sided.

Linda Horowitz


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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