Re: the Dec. 29 column "Post-American world upon us sooner than imagined."

Columnist Fareed Zakaria is wrong about the United States' losing its preeminent leadership role in the world. Are either China or Europe attempting to hold back the Taliban in Afghanistan? No. Are either China or Europe trying to contain and disarm North Korea? No. Are either China or Europe leading in seeking to defeat Islamic terrorism? No.

We are still the world's policeman, unfortunately, and just maybe many of us are tired of the cost in lives and resources to enthusiastically continue to support that role. Possibly we are also tired of too many other countries happily letting us carry those burdens. But we are a resilient country, and we will survive a one-term Trump presidency. Remember, we survived a devastating Civil War that too few today appreciate. China's Xi may desire to claim the leadership mantle, but without a free human spirit, which China seeks to quash, no nation will be the beacon for the world.

James Tuthill

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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