Re: the Dec. 3 article "Vail schools consider putting up tiny homes for teachers."

Vail pays some of the worst wages in the state averaging less than $37,000 where the state average is over $46,000 and their peer group of schools pay over $42,000 according to the most recent auditor general report. Over the last several years they have struggled more than most to fill teacher positions resulting in unfilled positions, many long term subs filling slots, and untraditional hiring practices. The problem with Vail is they get the same money from the state as other districts and have some of the highest voter approved taxes and also supplement the district budget from revenue from selling their Beyond Text Books curriculum but the school board, Superintendent Cal Baker, and the rest of the administration refuse to prioritize teacher pay in their budgets. They have more money coming in and less going to teachers. Teachers would rather have their wages brought up to their peers in the state than be offered government housing on the district lot. Pay teachers better don't build tiny homes.

Noah Sundberg


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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