Re: the Dec. 10 article "Plan pits 3 high schools against one another, leaves TUSD's Catalina to fight for its life."

I read your articles about the ramifications of relocating UHS to the Catalina HS campus. I attended the October TUSD meeting and came away with an entirely different feeling from that of your reporter. UHS has been the one spot in TUSD where the student population could grow. The site council was asked to develop a plan to provide them with a campus.

The board received the report and then voted to look into details regarding such a move. Nothing was finalized or suggested full acceptance of the recommendations in the report. The other schools are now being given the chance to provide input. That is the process and the board has done nothing to prevent full examination of the needs and possible solutions. I hate to see the under-utilized Catalina Campus be potentially closed. This plan gives both schools new life with more students in the seats and relieves the UHS/Rincon over-crowding.

Steve Poe


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