Re: the Dec. 12 guest column "Proposed Catalina High School closure is the wrong move."

I went to Rincon High School my freshman year up until November. I then switched to Catalina High where I finished my high school experience. Every year we lost 5 teachers and gained 5 more. When you would ask them “what made you come to Catalina” they would tell you “I am on a waiting list for Sabino/Tucson High/etc.” I have never experienced a teacher that wanted to be at Catalina with the exception of 3 teachers. Along with sports, our population was so low we had the same athletes for every different season. We were in a place where our uniforms never matched because we never had the money or support to buy new ones. It wasn’t until my junior year the school began to turn around, however, now that it is getting much better, TUSD wants to take that away. Although graduated, I am proud to be a Catalina Trojan. University High should fundraise for their own, stop trying to take our home away.

Eileen Lujan


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