Less than four weeks since teachers stopped shouting and striking so our kids get the education they deserve! and "Wham!”, the incremental funding is not for "teachers only" anymore. It's to share with everyone working in school! Without looking down on any respectable job, I am trying to comprehend how much a custodian, bus driver, office clerical assistant contributes to kid’s proficiency in math and sciences and the improvement of TUSD academic performance.

I'm still working on the former but found the answer to the later in another article: Tucson schools will improve as the Arizona State board drops the number of points necessary to earn grades . Brilliant!!!! Lower the bar so everyone looks better and maybe, demand more money for “better results”?. I feel sorry for kids who will compete for university seats and graduation ranking with those coming from China and countries where academic selection is fierce.

TUSD education and potholes in our streets have something in common: We keep paying for the evasive promise of improvement.

Aymon Maulandi

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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