Re: the Dec. 20 article "'We continue to worsen': Well into school year, about 2,000 Arizona teaching jobs are unfilled."

We have just made our annual contributions under Arizona’s tax credit programs for public and private schools. Under these programs, we are allowed to contribute $200 per person to public schools for after-school programs and $1,092 to private schools for any purpose. The predictable result of this misguided program — the draining of tax money from public education — has been highlighted in recent articles in the Daily Star.

The Dec. 20 article shows there are almost 2,000 vacant public school teaching positions in Arizona. Could our rank as 48th and 50th nationally in high school and primary school teacher salaries be a contributing factor? Could the tax credit’s diversion of funds to private schools be a factor? A few days before, the ACLU of Arizona published a devastating analysis of the over-selling by Arizona of the benefits of charter schools. Is it time to reconsider our state’s education priorities?

Linda and Ron Bechky


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