The chairman of the Arizona Board of Regents claims that Arizona Attorney General Brnovich is out of line in filing a lawsuit claiming that ABOR has for years raised public university tuition so that it is not "free or nearly free", as required by the Constitution. Really? Just who is out of line? I say that it is the ABOR and the Governor who are acting illegally.

One of their excuses is that students can borrow money for their "investment" in a college education. Let's call the student loan program what it really is: A revival of the post-Civil War system of debt peonage, where Black Americans were kept in perpetual debt by their land-holding employers.

How morally bankrupt it is to enslave generations of American students with oppressive loans that may take a lifetime to pay off. We must support the courageous efforts to make education affordable.

Jeanne Clarke


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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