Re: the Dec. 3 article "Vail schools consider putting up tiny homes for teachers."

Dallas is building 400-square-foot homes for the homeless, while Vail is considering 300-foot-homes for teachers. The Vail associate superintendent touts them as "hip, cool, tiny luxury homes," an idea that "honors the teachers and their profession."

He forgot to mention another “selling point”: They're bigger than a doghouse -- big enough for one person. They would be built on a plat of district-owned land, thus offering the prospect of a tiny, cool, professional ghetto. What other town has that?

Ultimately it will be for teachers to judge, but to this citizen, such cheerleading is clueless, degrading and Orwellian. If government compensated teachers fairly, there wouldn't be a chronic teacher shortage in Arizona. But that would require recognizing the value of public education.

Walter Hurley


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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