Re: the Dec. 10 letter to the editor "Teachers' tiny homes: A professional ghetto."

Many years ago I accepted a teaching position in Hawaii. I was offered a "teachers' cottage" for the modest sum of $25, utilities included. The cottage was a typical 500-square foot, two bedroom island structure. Land had been set aside for incoming teachers from the mainland. Never once did I think of my little community and my fellow teachers as living in a "ghetto."

As a newcomer it was a delight to move into the cottage and be welcomed by other teachers. This cottage was one of many perks I received. The low rent allowed me to live within my means, to enjoy the friendship of fellow teachers and to drive less than two miles to work. I applaud the Vail Unified School District for trying to find a way to supplement teacher salaries. My wish is to see Vail's vision of a home community for teachers come to fruition.

Sheila Lepley

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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