Re: the Nov. 20 article "Lunch, recess would count as school time under proposal."

Yes sir, another wonderful way to "water down" the educational program in Arizona Schools. Can't afford to pay the teachers a living wage? can't afford to buy supplies for the classroom? Simple! Count lunch and recess toward academic credit so our children will graduate with the required number of hours but no educational content to help them prepare for their place in society and the work environment.

Lunch and recess can be two of the most important events for social interaction and physical development --that is if you ban cell phones so that children actually interact with eye contact at lunch or heaven forbid a game of tether ball or soccer where you might come in physical contact with another student. It's time, it's way past time, for our legislators to put our taxpayer money into our educational curriculum and our teachers-or the next thing will be giving students academic credit for the time they spend riding the school bus.

Diane Uhl

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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