Jahvon Quinerly’s family hired a lawyer amid claims that Arizona offered the prospect cash in exchange for a commitment.

I'm waiting for the coward Book Richardson, to admit Jahvon Quinerly and his family NEVER requested, were NEVER offered and most importantly NEVER RECEIVED money from Richardson. Hide in your living room and let the basketball community destroy this young man's character and reputation. Staying silent about Jahvon's innocence is something I can't understand and would never expect from a college coach or from anybody for that matter. Jahvon was offered over 20 full scholarships and was so proud and happy to get a college education from any of those schools and the bonus was he gets to play the sport that he loves and also gets to relieve the monetary pressure away from his parents. What a nightmare Jahvon is going through. Do the right thing Book

Robert Mollica

Ramsey, New Jersey

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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