We fully agree that the noise level and announcer are annoying....throw in the music selections and you have a bad mixture. We were able to travel to Tucson to watch 4 games so far....how much Bruno Mars do we have to hear from the band? Every halftime show?

We attended the Cal game in Berkeley. Saturday against WSU we mentioned we wish we had Cal's announcer....he was informative without grating on your nerves. Their band actually marched into the stadium ....as opposed to Arizona's meandering. There was no NFL type of piped in loud music and they posted scores from around the country.

Now the students.......what excuse do they give for not filling their sections for games against a ranked opponent? All they have to do is get out of their dorms, walk across campus, and enter the Zone Zoo section. Perhaps they should be moved into the south end zone (like most other schools) and free up these prime sideline seats to the general public.

Kenneth Muscutt

Salinas, Calif.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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