As an elected representative, the most important thing you can do is make sure the voice of your community is heard in Washington.

While I served in Congress, I fought every day on behalf of the Southern Arizonans I represented, particularly when it came to protecting access to quality, affordable health care.

Each time I voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act, I voted to protect the health and financial security of my constituents. Now, as a private citizen, I am pledging once again to be a health care voter.

In 2014, my opponent pledged to repeal the ACA, ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Arizonans gaining coverage under the law. Despite the criticisms I faced, I continued to support expanding the law and coverage for millions, not jeopardizing health care for the most vulnerable.

Since her election, Rep. Martha McSally has voted to repeal the ACA.

In doing so, she has disregarded those whose health and financial security are threatened by undermining the law. Since January, President Donald Trump, Rep. McSally, and many of her Republican colleagues in Congress are actively working to sabotage our health care system, no matter the costs.

Despite bipartisan efforts to ensure coverage for millions of Americans, including a bill proposed by Sens. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray, far too many congressional Republicans have remained silent as the Trump administration sabotages our healthcare system.

From causing instability in the marketplace to cutting funding for cost-sharing reductions (CSR), members of the majority in Congress have chosen inaction as Trump threatens their constituents’ health care. Now, more than ever, it is time for Republicans and Democrats to work together for the good of the people they were elected to represent.

Having worked on this issue as an elected official, candidate and congressional district director, I know the power of voters’ voices in persuading representatives to take action. At town halls and rallies, through social media and calls, constituents can and should contact their elected officials to ask questions, raise their concerns, and show up when their interests are not being served. This year, we fought back to protect our health care — and we won.

As advocates, constituents, and consumers, we demanded that Republicans in Congress stop playing politics with people’s lives. We rallied, marched, and called until each repeal bill failed. We used our voices and told our stories to say, clear and plainly, that we would hold our representatives accountable for their votes. We should not, however, get complacent. The fight to preserve access to health care is not over!

While the public’s outcry has helped to stop congressional action to repeal, we must keep pressure on Trump and Members of Congress to stop their cruel and careless threats to health care. As constituents and as health care voters, we must speak out to hold our elected officials accountable.

Trump and Republican leadership remain determined to undermine and sabotage the ACA. We aren’t waiting for their next attack. Now, we need to turn our voices into votes.

Former Congressman Ron Barber represented Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.