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Dear Readers,

On this national day of giving thanks, of giving voice to our gratitude, we at the Arizona Daily Star editorial department share a simple message:

Thank you.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for responding — to our Star editorials, to our own opinion columns, to syndicated columnists, to our local guest opinions, to letters to the editor, to Fitz cartoons.

Thank you for being an integral part of our editorial department mission to share not only what’s happening in our Southern Arizona community, but to look deeper into issues that confront us so we can find where we agree and where we don’t.

We thank each of you who submitted a guest opinion piece or letter to the editor. You’ve read something, thought about it and shared your voice — knowing that others may well disagree, but you’ve made the correct calculation that our civic life succeeds only when individuals speak up.

We’re thankful for the Tucsonans who volunteer their time and resources to serve others, whether that’s donating to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona or leading a Girl Scout troop or helping kids learn to read through Literacy Connects.

We’re thankful for Southern Arizonans who serve on local governmental boards and committees, offering their expertise to everything from municipal arts committees to planning and zoning boards.

We’re thankful for the women and men who raise their hands to run for public office at all levels. These are difficult jobs to win, and difficult to do — often, as is the case with school boards — without remuneration.

Thank you to the crossing guards who help kids cross the street, and those good souls who stop to help a lost dog find his way home.

We’d also like to thank the many folks at the Arizona Daily Star/Tucson.com who make our wide conversation possible — people in the newsroom, in press operations, advertising, finance, customer service, distribution, IT, circulation, maintenance. Nothing here happens in isolation.

So thank you, readers, for the opportunity to share with you, and to continue our work together.