Several weeks ago a cross departmental team was developed at The Arizona Daily Star with a singular focus - How do we help local businesses enhance their digital presence affordably and how best can we get the word out fast?  The answers were simple, we needed to do what we recommend our customers do everyday:

  • Claim and Enrich your Google+ page
  • Claim all of the directory listings on the top 4 data aggregators which feed hundreds of directories from Yelp to BBB.
  • Professionally build out Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and other social channels.
  • Regularly post on your social networks with engaging posts that appeal to your audience.
  • Start promoting your business with an offer positioned to help your prospects satisfy a burning need.

It sounds easy but the best fruit come from tremendous work, desire, commitment passion, energy and a relentless focus on doing everything possible to help customers every day.  What we have learned over the last several years is not how great our products are - what matters is how much effort are you willing to invest AFTER the customer agrees to trust you with their marketing funds?

To us, selling is not the goal, delivering on our promises and providing unmatched customer service is our focus.  Instead of training our staff on how to handle objections, we train our staff on how to present dashboards and metrics that prove the worth of our services.  However, none of this matters unless we ask the most important question - "is your business improving this week".  We will not be satisfied until we are certain we are helping our customers grow.

Our advertising division feels so strongly about how much we can help, we are willing to open up FREE trials to some of the most powerful digital solutions you can secure.  Yes, our skin is in the game, our primary focus in the results of our customers. 

If you would like a "no strings/pressure" evaluation of your business please click the link here.  It would be an honor to serve businesses inside or outside the great state of Arizona.  Thank you!  Marty Carry