So far, Arizona hasn’t scheduled Grand Canyon University in any sports, men’s or women’s, and has avoided the public bickering between GCU, the Pac-12 and ASU.

The Sun Devils won’t play GCU, a for-profit institution, because it suggests GCU’s mission — to make money and raise its stock price — is skewed.

I wouldn’t engage in activities against GCU on general principles, if for nothing more than the way it fired former UA interim basketball coach Russ Pennell this summer.

Pennell had coached the Antelopes to a 42-16 record the last two years, but was released when Jerry Colangelo orchestrated a move to get ex-Phoenix Suns star Dan Majerle into college coaching.

But in a league in which the Oregon Ducks spend an estimated $138 million on a football training center, adorned by Persian rugs and urinals imported from Turkey, it all comes off as empty posturing.

If you’re going to chastise any school for chasing a dollar, Grand Canyon stands in a long line behind the Ducks and their Pac-12 partners.