Thank you for your interest in photography in the Arizona Daily Star. The newspaper offers reprints of published photographs for personal use through an independent contractor called MyCapture via a web interface.

To order reprints of photos published online or in print
Use the photo request form for photos taken by Daily Star photographers and published in the Daily Star and associated publications or online at StarNet. Only published Daily Star photos are available for purchase (see restrictions below).

Scenic photos in the online photo galleries

Orders can be placed directly to MyCapture via a link below photos on StarNet or through our photo reprint galleries.  Follow the instructions for ordering, shipping and payment using a credit card.

Full-page proofs
A set of two full-page proofs of published Daily Star newspaper pages are available for $15. Call Jacquetta Castillo in Ad Services at 520-573-4551.
Limitations and restrictions
Photos purchased via the web interface are for personal use only. See below for information about commercial usage.
Photos submitted to the Daily Star (i.e. those not owned by the Daily Star) are not available for purchase. These include photos from the Arizona Historical Society and the University of Arizona.
Unpublished photographs are not available for purchase.
Photos from any University of Arizona sporting event are not available, as well as certain high school sporting events and some news photos.
Photos taken prior to Jan. 1, 1997 are not available.
There may be other limitations which could change at any time. Ultimately, the Daily Star decides which photos are offered for sale.
Prices for reprints ordered online
Wallet-size (4): $4.95
4x6: $2.00
5x7: $7.95
8x10: $11.95
8x12: $12.95
11x14: $19.95
16x24: $30.95
Historic photos
The Daily Star does have some original negatives of Tucson Citizen photos taken between 1950-2000 and Daily Star photos taken between 1980-2000.  There is a $25 fee per photo for retrieving negatives from storage and scanning into digital form. Call 574-4155 or e-mail
Photos are available in standard sizes, such as 8x10 or 11x14, or as gallery-style, which retains the  dimensions of the photo as it actually appeared in the newspaper.  For example, a tall vertical photo printed on an 10-inch gallery print will be nearly 10-inches tall, but may be only 5-inches wide with extra white space on either side of the printed image.
Photos for commercial and non-profit use
Published photos are available for use in other publications, with restrictions.  Daily Star photos will not be sold to supermarket “tabloids” and cannot be used in connection with any political campaign.  Photographs featuring any recognizable people will not be sold for commercial use unless the purchasing party can get signed releases from all recognizable people.  Contact the Daily Star photo department at 573-4155 for more information.  Base (starter) rates are as follows:
All non-profit institutions: $75
National media: $250
Commercial (advertising, etc): $250
All photos sold with one-time domestic publication rights only.
Customer service
For any inquiries about photo availability, contact the Daily Star photo department at (520) 573-4155.  Once a reprint order has been placed, click here for MyCapture online customer support.