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About American Consolidated Media

American Consolidated Media was founded in 1999 and is now among the top five specialty owners of community newspapers in the U.S..  ACM publishes over 100 local publications reaching more than 2.6 million readers, serving 18 geographic regions across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, and Michigan. The publications consist of daily and weekly newspapers, shoppers and specialty publications, associated websites and mobile applications.

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American Consolidated Media

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Digital Products

Why Choose ACM?

With hundreds of fully-searchable, digitized copies of our community newspapers available online, American Consolidated Media is moving boldly from old-style newspaper research to full-fledged media design. Over 2.5 million new pages are added each month from our publications, primarily in the United States and Canada. ACM has built a way to overcome the mundane process of inconvenient reading to online accessibility by using the very latest in today's technology.

The use of the iPad has quickly become the ACM way of digital news. We capture more time when and where the news actually happens, rather than writing the news.

How is your region doing?

The digital and print products of American Consolidated Media are dedicated to covering the communities we serve. From a breaking feature story from the county fair, to a local city council meeting, or highlights from the football field, our products provide coverage of the news you care about most in our dynamic digital and print mediums.

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