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About Law Office Of Paul Gattone

At the Law Office Of Paul Gattone, I focus on the areas of both civil rights and criminal defense; however, I consider all of my work to involve defending the civil and constitutional rights of my clients. I believe that this is what separates me from other lawyers, my genuine belief in what I am doing and my conviction to do all I can to protect and advance my clients’ rights.

If you have a legal problem, please contact me so that we can set up a time to talk about it. All initial consultations are free of charge, so do not hesitate to give me a call at 520-623-1922 or to send me an email.

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Law Office Of Paul Gattone

Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Paul Gattone, we are willing and able to handle any level of criminal offense, from misdemeanors to felonies and in both state and federal court. No matter the offense, our lawyers will handle your case from start to finish and will do their best to ensure that your rights are protected and that all defenses are presented on your behalf. Our lawyers have handled cases in Tucson City Court, Pima County Justice Court, Pima County Juvenile Court, Pima County Superior Court and in the Federal District Court for the District of Arizona. In addition, our lawyers are experienced appellate counsel and have represented clients in both state and federal appellate courts.

Civil Rights

We consider ourselves to be civil rights lawyers. As such, we are dedicated to protecting and expanding the rights of people within the community who have been victims of discrimination and violation of their civil and constitutional rights. We are committed to representing people whose rights have been violated by federal and state law enforcement officers. We have successfully represented clients who have been wrongfully arrested, been injured through the use of excessive force, or who have been otherwise victimized by the police. Police misconduct is a serious issue and can lead to loss of liberty, violation of rights and even serious injury or death. Our lawyers are well versed in federal civil rights laws and pursue most of our clients’ civil rights cases in the Federal District Court of Arizona.

As a civil rights firm, we are also committed to protecting the rights of people who are discriminated against because of their race, national origin, and/or ethnicity. Unfortunately, racial discrimination is still a serious problem in our society and one that should not be ignored. If you believe that you have been a victim of racial discrimination, we urge you to take action and to assert your rights. However, discrimination does not only impact people of color. Our attorneys have also worked extensively with the LGBTQ Community and are sensitive to the circumstances of people whose rights are violated because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and are committed to defending their rights.

Medical Marijuana

The voters in Arizona chose to allow the use of medically prescribed marijuana for patients of specific diseases. This is a great step forward for many people suffering from serious illnesses and the staff at the Law Firm of Paul Gattone developed the expertise necessary to insure that medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and dispensaries are able to understand the intricacies of state and federal law. Receiving a patient or caregiver card is just the beginning of the process, and the applicable regulations can be confusing and the consequences of failing to follow the law are potentially very serious and could result in criminal charges or imprisonment. If you applied to be a medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona or have been chosen as one, we are here to offer you the advice and representation necessary to insure that you operate within the law and free from government interference.

If you believe your civil rights have been violated, we urge you to call and schedule a free consultation with our firm. Call us at 520-623-1922.

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Law Office of Paul Gattone

At the Law Office Of Paul Gattone, I focus on the areas of both civil rights and criminal defense; however,…

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