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4300 N Campbell Ave #20 Suite 20
Tucson, AZ 85718
Last Updated: July 24, 2014
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Tues-Sat 10-5

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About Limited Additions

ML Studio Designs
has more than 25 years of retail experience and many additional years as a weaving design studio. We have developed a long lasting and positive relationship with our artists, designers, and customers. We have created an atmosphere that is more than just another boutique/gallery through our personal contacts with our customers and individual designers. Our collections include items that are one of a kind, from U.S. designers as well as creative designs by artists from all over the word.

All of our locations transcend the typical fashion du jour. We carry timeless classics crafted by artisans and designers, all meticulously selected for today's woman.

Limited Additions is our flagship store and was opened in one of the Joesler Buildings at the corner of River and Campbell in the early 80s. We quickly outgrew our space and in 1986 St. Philips Plaza became our permanent home.

We have expanded from our original "Art to Wear" to now include many collections from European as well as American designers. Margrit still travels all over the US to search for new artists among the talented exhibitors of the fine craft shows, and now includes travels to Paris and Berlin to fill that special niche of clothing that is current and yet transcends the trendy... to become a way our customers can express their own personality rather than having their tastes dictated.

Step inside and you will discover treasures of color and textures that are truly a treat for the eye and the spirit.

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