About Us

December 18, 2012 9:55 am

Welcome to Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service, where your little jesters are treated like royalty, right in the comfort of their own castle!

Leaving your kingdom and need someone to care for your pets?
Is Fido becoming “Fatso” and needs someone to walk him?
Feeling guilty that your long hours of work are leaving your pet lonely?
Tired of imposing on neighbors?
Neighbors and friends tired of you imposing?
Is Kitty scratching the furniture more than you're scratching her?
Aren't your pets more comfortable at home, even when you're not there?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then look no further than Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service.

Reigning Cats and Dogs Pet Sitting Service can provide you with solutions to these problems by offering a variety of services, including: dog walking, pet sitting, basic house sitting, poop scooping, and even a "Welcome Back" grocery service.

From a mid-day dog walk while you're working, to full-time pet care while you're vacationing -- Reigning Cats and Dogs will be there for you and your pets. We are also a great option if you're crate training a puppy, working late, or are physically unable to walk the dog.


PEACE OF MIND | You can be sure that your home and pets are in the capable hands of a professional. I am a member of Pet Sitters International, a professional pet sitters' organization, am bonded & insured for your protection, and Pet First Aid & CPR certified for your pets protection.

CONVENIENCE | No need to arrange your busy schedule to fit the hours of a kennel or pet hotel.

SAVES TIME | I come to you!! No need to load up the pets, leashes, food, food bowl, and bed -- then drive them across town.

SAVES MONEY | Price includes multiple pets, PLUS basic house-sitting services!

CRIME DETERRENT | Varying lights & blinds, bringing in mail & newspapers, and coming & going from the house provides a "lived-in" look.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE | Specific pet care instructions are welcome and encouraged, including enforcement of basic obedience behavior & commands.

SOCIAL REDEMPTION | No more imposing upon friends, family & neighbors to "take care of the pets" while you're unable to.


LOVE, LOVE, LOTS OF LOVE | One-on-one-attention, affection & professional loving care make pets feel loved rather than abandoned.

COMFORT | Pets stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home -- and pet siblings are able to keep each other company, providing even more reassurance. Their routine, diet & surroundings remain unchanged.

HEALTH | Staying at home eliminates exposure to other animals and potential illnesses.

LESS STRESS | No strange cages & animals, no transportation anxiety (for you OR your pets!!), no strange food, schedules or activities. Less stress = happier pets!!

NEW FRIENDSHIP | Your pets and pet sitter will develop a lasting bond.


Your pets are with you until you have to leave & they're there to greet you the moment you return! Everyone's happy!!


Cleaning water & food bowls
Feeding & watering pets
Administration of medicines and/or vitamins, only per your instruction
Litter box cleaning and/or poop scooping
Observation of pets for any behavioral or health changes
Playtime, exercising, belly rubs, ear rubs, and any other affection your pets are fond of
Feeding and watering houseplants, per your instruction
Collection of newspapers, mail and flyers
Varying of lights and blinds, per your instruction
Taking trash & recycle bins to & from curb, if applicable
Daily call, text or email update



Choose either 20, 30, 45 or 60-minute visits, 1 - 4 times per day

20 minute $20
30 minute $25
45 minute $30
60 minute $35

Up to 3 dogs
20 minute $20
30 minute $25
45 minute $30
60 minute $35

Additional dogs: $3 each per walk

$20 per visit

$75 per visit

Ask about availability and rates.

Have the necessities ready & waiting for you upon your return! $20 + purchase price & tax of items purchased.


Visit the ZACK N BOO'S KITCHEN website by clicking here.

In addition to Reigning Cats & Dogs my other business is Zack N Boo's Kitchen Gourmet pet treats. We are Your Best treat Bet for the Best Treated Pet. We proudly handcraft and offer to you: "Zacky Snacks" All-Natural Gourmet Dog Treats, and "Boo's Chews" All-Natural Gourmet Cat Treats.

Zack n Boo's Kitchen pet treats are named in honor of my own beloved pets: my eldest dog, Zack and my late cat, Boo. All treats created at Zack n Boo's Kitchen are all-natural, healthy treats.... Handcrafted in small batches right here in Tucson using my own treat recipes.

Our treats use all-natural, human-grade ingredients with no wheat, preservatives, additives, colors, dyes, fillers, by-products or other additives ever used. Just good, wholesome food. As a retired Pastry Chef, I've spent most of my adult life cooking and baking with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Nothing about that has changed.... except that now the treats are for pets, not people!

In order to create the very best treats, for the very best pets, our treat variety may change as ingredient availability changes. Although treat varieties may change, one thing never will: the quality. Zacky Snacks and Boo's Chews will always be human-grade quality, all-natural and preservative-free pet treats.

• "Zack-o-Lantern" pumpkin dog treats
• "More peanuts, Honey!" peanut butter & honey dog treats
• "Luck o' the Irish Setter" potato & sweet potato dog treats
• "How's the Liver, Spot?" beef liver dog treats
• "Yam Fine!" sweet potato chips

• "Holy Mackerel!" salmon & mackerel cat treats
• "Baked Tuna Melt" tuna & cheese cat treats
• "Sardines and Greens" sardine & catnip cat treats
• "All the Fish in the Sea" -- all three seafood treats listed above, together in one package!
• "Holiday Leftovers" turkey liver & cranberry cat treats

The liver in these treats comes from the dozens of turkeys used to feed Tucson's hungry on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, a portion of the "Holiday Leftovers" treat sales will be gladly donated to various hunger relief organizations.

You will notice I do not say these treats are....pumpkin FLAVORED, peanut butter FLAVORED, beef liver FLAVORED or tuna & cheese FLAVORED. That's because these treats are the real deal. For example, each 5oz package of "How's the Liver, Spot?" dog treats is made from over half a pound of fresh beef liver!

If you provide me with a list of the optimum foods for your pet's health or specific dietary needs, I will create a custom treat accordingly. Pricing on custom treats will vary. Call or email for more information.

Call or email for current availability or to inquire about any special requests you may have, such as pet birthday cakes.