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February 17, 2014 12:00 am
Arapahoe Tree Service Offers:

• Aerial forestry equipment
• High proficient and knowledgeable crew members
• Chippers-Stump Grinders-Crane Loader
• Mini-steer with attachments
• Dump trucks
• License NO. 0097957
• $2,000,000 aggregate insurance
• Annual Maintenance Plans

Arapahoe Tree Service has successfully handled conditions in:

• Precarious tree removal during and after the Aspen Fire
• Beetle Kill Pine removal over cabins and in power-Chiricahua Mountains

Arapahoe Tree Surgeon Affiliations:

• ISA—International Society of Arboriculture
• Western Chapter ISA
• TCIA—Tree Care Industry
• Accredited, “A” rated, Tree Service provider by the BBB
• AZ Community Tree Council

Tree Trimming
Pruning cuts must be made with an understanding of how the tree will respond to the cut. Improper pruning can cause damage which continues for the life of the tree. Proper crown thinning should maintain the structural beauty and retain the tree's natural shape.

The preferred place to make a pruning cut is just to the outside of the branch collar allowing for compartmentalization of the cut wound. If a pruning cut leaves a stub, the ability of the tree to close the wound is compromised and can result in branch dieback, decay, and sprout production. Topping, or cutting limbs back to a stub, bud, or a lateral branch not large enough to assume the terminal role may promote starvation, shock, insects & disease, rapid new weaker elongated growth, increased future cost from higher maintenance tree.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding
Tree Removal: Arapahoe Tree Surgeons specialize in technical & hazardous removals. Experience, proficient technique, and safety first approach makes us a professional choice that you can trust.

Blue Ox Loader: With a 375 degree swing and 50” grapple, this exploder –brush & log loader is one tough assistant.

Stump Grinding: Three sizes of stump grinders allow us to access those hard to reach stumps.

Tree Staking and Anchoring
Has your specimen tree blow-over, or is it leaning due to high winds? Utilizing high quality materials, Arapahoe will reset to original position, stake, bridge, and cable it with geometric precision in secure positioning while the root system resettles.

The Duck Bill Anchoring installation rotates into a perpendicular "anchor lock" 15 degrees from horizontal resulting in superb holding capacity."

Tree Pinning and Limb Support
Floating-Eye Cable: The floating-eye network provides supplemental support & restraint during elevated wind stress. Scaffold included in this system move freely or floats, while they defend against limb break-out. Because the cables are not rigid, the tree’s growth structure is not dependent on the cable for strength.

Tree Pinning: Pinning installations assist in supporting sharp “V” shaped or included bark crotches. Bark Inclusion or impaction is bark that gets enclosed inside the crotch as the 2 branches develop.

Tree Injection and Feeding
High volume sprayer: This high volume high pressure sprayer delivers maximum contact for foliar applications & generous volume for ground/soil coverage.

Arborjet Injection System: Utilizing the Arbor-jet injection system, we can deposit needed medicament into the functional active xylem in carefully prescribed doses for enhanced efficiency of product delivery. Arborjet is a closed system thereby no harm comes to the applicator, soil or air.

Tree Planting and Mulching
Planting: The key to giving a tree a healthy start in the planting site is good planting procedures. A point that cannot be over-emphasized is the importance of matching the tree and its requirements to the planting site conditions. The tree must be able to tolerate site conditions such as wet or dry soils, size limitations or shade.

Mulching the soil surface has several benefits. A layer of mulch reduces water evaporation from the soil. It minimizes weed competition (and thus water use), reduces soil erosion, and can improve soil aeration. The soil will be kept cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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