"We Care for Those You Love"

Our Mission Statement

November 27, 2012 11:17 am

"In order to achieve our Vision, Elderhaven commits to the following: Elderhaven's Mission is to provide honest, Christian love and dedication to the elderly who are entrusted to our care. We believe our first responsibility is to the residents who live with us in our home as part of our extended family."

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More About Us

Through our long-term commitment to this mission, we have become known as “A Care Home That Really Cares”. Elderhaven has been providing care in the same location since 1986, offering sympathy, hope, and love to many who are nearing the end of life’s journey. Elderhaven exists to provide assisted living services in an environment that recognizes the whole health of the individual. Spiritual reinforcement of the Christian principles of worship, study of the Bible, encouragement and mutuality are integrated into the daily, weekly, and monthly routines of basic care of the residents who call Elderhaven home.

It is the dream of Elderhaven that residents are welcomed into our extended family regardless of financial need. Tax exempt status has been obtained, so that donations can be raised from the public and the Christian religious community to both, keep the costs of residency reasonable and to establish designated benefit funds into which community based organizations may contribute for needy elder care candidates.

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In the Tucson area, the adult care homes generally support each other. This interaction was instrumental in gaining recognition and licensure from the Arizona State Department of Health Services. The Council of Adult Care Homes meets regularly with representatives of the department to keep up to date on regulations and changes. The overall intent of the operators is to give their elderly residents the best care and quality of life possible under their circumstances, and to give them a feeling of self worth, which may sometimes be lost in the advancement of age and disability.