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Sacred Art Tattoo Studio Video | Tattoo Services in Tucson

Sacred art tattoo studio has award winning artists that specialize in all styles of tattoo work. We also do all body piercings from ears, nipples, surface, genitals etc. We have a wide range of jewelry to chose from. We have been open since 1997 and provide a clean and sterile environment.We have award winning artist Josh Hagan, Christian Marek and Zachary Berrios. Our other artists are Lenny Mental as the manager for Sacred Art Tattoo and then there is Brittney, Emily, Jamie, Dane and Luis. Our artists specialize in traditional, color portraits, black and grey, lettering, new school etc. Our body piercers are Jazmine, Justin, hello Brittany, Rich and Louis. We do 2 for 1 body piercings and will price match any tattoo shop in town on piercings.

Check out our tattoo artist and piercer portfolios on our website


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January 09, 2013 3:56 pm