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"Do not buy a mattress till you see us first"


January 27, 2014 12:00 am

Loreto Socci reviewed a week ago

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent

Fantastic quality at exceptional prices! This is the place to go! Everyone at the Quality Mattress Outlet was extremely helpful! Thanks guys!

Ginger Reizend reviewed a month ago

Quality Excellent Appeal Very good Service Excellent

Very pleased with the mattress I purchased! The cost was reasonable and staff courteous. Would highly recommend this store to buy a mattress, they have the best prices for the quality in town.

A Google User reviewed 2 months ago

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service Excellent

If you're looking to get a great mattress at an awesome price this is the place to go. I got a great looking bed at a even better looking price! I went to other retailers first and these guys had them beat by about $2000 dollars on a memory foam queen set. Let me tell you if you're looking for a new bed check these guys first!

A Google User reviewed 9 months ago

Overall Very good

Shopped everywhere else, tried dozens of beds and found out what I wanted. Went to this place last and found the same bed for 1/3 to 1/4 of what the other stores wanted for the same bed. This store is no frills, but they had the product I wanted and saved me $2000 - $3000. No brainer!

Michael D. - 2 years ago

Quality Tucson Mattresses. They stand by there word and warranty 110% they have great prices, personable, and great customer service. Thanks Robert.

Loreto Socci - 10 months ago

Fantastic quality at exceptional prices! This is the place to go! Everyone at the Quality Mattress Outlet was extremely helpful! Thanks guys!

Panagiotis Theofilopoulos - a year ago

I've been buying beds from this store for about a year, whenever I need a bed I will always go to Quality Mattress Outlet first, they have a huge selection of beds ranging from very soft to super stiff, so no matter what kind of bed I want they have it in stock ready to go. Very fast deliveries, amazing customer service. The representatives never push you and are willing to spend as much time as you need to decide on the bed that fits you best. I will never recommend another store other than Quality Mattress Outlet.

Jennifer McCoy - 2 months ago

I have sat down to write this review several times, because I wanted it to be just right. I hope this reveals enough information to make others go out and buy one. I am 25 years old and had back surgery 2 years ago. After my surgery I had gotten use to waking up with back pains and thought it was normal. Once we got the Beautyrest ComforPedic home, sleeping has not been the same. We ABSOLUTE LOVE our bed. My husband who works in Mining Industry says "He works hard at his job all day, but his body never feels tired" Now he gets a good night sleep. We have the adjustable frame also and that just adds to our great mattress.

Xin Gao - a month ago

A fantastic mattress store. The manager is nice and considerate, especially to students. I purchased a $300 queen-size mattress with frame, works fine and firm for over two years. Appreciate offer for some discount on sale, that would be great to more customers.

Robert Lynn - a month ago

Purchased a mattress March 2013, great deal, delivered as promised. Had a warranty issue July 2013, went to see Betty and Robert. They handled the issue with the utmost respect and total satisfaction. Actually went above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend, Thank you