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January 27, 2014 12:00 am
We are one of the only communities with a solid upgrade policy in place. What this means is that when a home comes up for sale, if it is over 10 years old, it is subject to a thorough inspection by an outside home inspection company to determine its appearance, condition and age (this is paid for by FHE). A copy of this report is given to the homeowner and then discussed with the Community’s Property Manager. These homes must be upgraded to current standards by the present owner in order to remain in the community. These inspections have shown that many older homes have been well maintained over the years and are in good condition.

However, when a home is no longer viable in the community because of age and/or the fact that it would not be financially feasible to do the necessary upgrades to bring it up to current standards, these homes are sold to be removed. Once a home has been removed, it is replaced with a brand new home. In this way, our community is constantly being upgraded.

Since 1994 approximately 160 new homes have been moved into FHE and 125 homes have been upgraded.

This means that since then, 70% of the homes have either been moved out and replaced with new homes or upgraded to current standards.