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Will Filing Bankruptcy Stop a Garnishment?

Yes, bankruptcy stops garnishment dead in its tracks. The minute that we file a bankruptcy Petition for you, we will fax a notice of that bankruptcy filing to your payroll department to let them know that they have to stop the garnishment. We will also send that notice to the attorney that's garnishing your wages, and he has an obligation to prepare a document called a "Release of Garnishment" and file it with the court. Garnishments stop immediately.

So the sister question that I always get to that is: Well, how long is it going to take to get the bankruptcy filed to stop the garnishment? I will go as fast as you go. We need your cooperation in terms of completing a credit counseling course. I need some paperwork from you which means I have to have a workbook completed by you. I will help you fill the workbook out. There's some copies of documents that I need, like six months of bank statements, six months of your pay stubs, two years of your tax returns, and we need our fee paid. But we have cases that are filed in 24 hours in order to stop garnishments. So if you have a garnishment and you need that stopped right away, we can help you.

April 08, 2013 12:15 am