Young Explorers Schools

May 29, 2013 4:33 pm

Tucson child care services and activities offered:

• 6:30 am to 6:00 pm
• Monday through Friday
• Parenting Classes
• Language, Art & Music
• Preschool / Daycare
• Before & After School Care
• Summer Programs
• Field Trips
• Cooking Activities
• Swimming Pool On Site
• Summer Programs & Swim Lessons


• Using and encouraging the child’s own language through charts stories, poems, and literature.
• Develop listening skills and enjoyment.
• Math and word games used to develop and expand the child’s potential.

Science / Math

• Develop skills of observation, prediction, and problem solving.
• “Hands on” activities to develop a concrete sense of numbers.

Art and Music

• Using numerous materials, textures, and media in the development of the child’s individual tactile, visual and audio perceptions.

Cooking and Tasting

• Provides measuring, math concepts, physical coordination, reading skills and trying new foods.

Field Trips

• Expanding learning experiences outside the school environment. Children develop appreciation and respect for our community.

Physical Fitness

• Develop body coordination through vigorous play, wheel toys, climbing, tumbling, running and body movement.


• 1-5 All year
• 5-8 Before/After School
• K-2 Summer Program
• Full Time and Part Time schedules available

Entrance Requirements

• Personal interview and visit to our school
• Use of Courtesy Day prior to enrollment (parent and child)
• Physical exam required
• Proof of immunizations
• First weeks tuition payment

Parent Participation

Parent Participation is encouraged in our educational program in these and other ways:

• Class participation
• Field Trips
• Recycling projects
• Open House activities
• Parent-Study Groups
• Exchanging Services

Contact us at 885-5526 for availability and rate information.


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1201 South Avenida Sirio
Tucson, Arizona, 85710

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6207 East Bellevue
Tucson, Arizona, 85712