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While the results are preliminary, they represent the "best available science," said development opponent.

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The outlook is unclear for restarting a study of Benson pumping impacts.

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Approves a preliminary development plan for the 28,000-home project.

A planned project for 7,000 homes and apartments in Sierra Vista now sits in legal limbo due to a judge’s ruling overturning state approval of it.

  • By Sandy Fabritz-Whitney Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Arizona has a long history of addressing our water supply challenges.

  • By Virgil Davis Special to the Arizona Daily Star

All residents in Pima County are created equal and assume they are equally entitled to their water. This assumption could be jeopardized if Ro…

The drought-stricken main pond at Agua Caliente Park — briefly bolstered by early summer rains — has withered again in the wake of a fizzled m…

The Tanque Verde Wash, unlike most of its Tucson counterparts, still blooms with yellowing cottonwood and willow trees during autumn’s current peak.

Despite years of growing concern about drought, some good water news has emerged: The Tucson area has balanced its water pumping with recharge…

  • Christopher Brooks Special To The Arizona Daily Star

In 2010 more than 65,000 acre-feet of water was extracted from the aquifer in the Upper Santa Cruz basin from Green Valley to Sahuarita - abou…

  • Tony Davis Arizona Daily Star

When deciding if a development should be blocked, Arizona water regulators lack the power to consider whether groundwater pumping for the proj…

  • Tony Davis Arizona Daily Star

State water officials ruled late Monday that they lack authority to stop a big Sierra Vista housing development in the name of protecting the …

  • Tony Davis Arizona Daily Star

In the name of keeping the San Pedro River alive, the federal government is trying to stop Arizona from certifying that a planned Sierra Vista…