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The Islamic state has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's bombings in Belgium. Here are ten charts behind the news.

  • By Paul Pedersen Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Good to great beers can be found at these breweries.

  • By Gerald M. Gay Arizona Daily Star

You won’t find too many people out there thrilled about going bald as a teenager.

DETROIT — A Belgian man who swam across the Detroit River from Canada has pleaded guilty to trying to enter the U.S. illegally.

  • By Jessica Letchford The Associated Press

BRUSSELS — As the host city for many European Union institutions and their well-heeled Eurocrats, Brussels may not sound like the best destina…


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Giving babies Tylenol to prevent fever when they get childhood vaccinations may backfire and make the shots a little less effective, surprisin…

VATICAN CITY — A 19th-century priest whose courageous work with leprosy patients in Hawaii has been likened to the efforts of those battling t…

  • Alessandra Tarantino / aP


ROME — A Hawaii resident whose recovery from lung cancer was called miraculous by the Vatican said Thursday that the Belgian-born priest she p…

  • By Carol Ann Alaimo Arizona Daily Star

Six decades after surviving a battle in which many soldiers froze to death, World War II veteran John Swett still dislikes the cold.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev said Wednesday that it will sell its theme parks, including the three SeaWorlds and two Busch Gardens across the country,…

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