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Renewable Fuel Standard benefits motorists, air quality and the farm economy

When Congress expanded the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2007, it did so with three important policy objectives in mind.

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Renewable Fuel Standard subsidies unneeded as sales of cleaner vehicles surge

How did we reach the point where the government is promoting a dreadful fuel that gets worse fuel economy than gasoline or diesel, drives up food prices, damages car engines and has unintended environmental consequences?

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Chicken prices shoot up in Arizona and nation

Chicken prices shoot up in Arizona and nation

Consumers’ desire for healthier alternatives to beef is turning around and biting them in the wallets.

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UA wins grant to study biodiesel effects

Researchers at the University of Arizona have won a $1.4 million grant to study the occupational and environmental health effects of underground mining equipment that runs on biodiesel-blend fuels.

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