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  • By Kimberly Matas Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Tucson chef shares his kitchen philosophy, and a recipe for fried chicken thighs. 

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Ties are nice, but a nice column is an even better gift.

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“To limp along is just not our style,” says acclaimed chef/owner Albert Hall.

  • By Mary Minor Davis Special To The Arizona Daily Star

Baking allows her to give a kind of embrace to diners

  • Emily Hart Roth

Author Zoe Nathan has been a cook, a butcher and a pastry chef, but she found her calling in a bakery.

  • Cathalena E. Burch Arizona Daily Star

Acacia puts on its fall fashions; Bianco serving sandwiches.

El Semental 

In this campus-area restaurant, python is best served simmered in chipotle marinade. 

Okay it's not exactly the plains, but Dove Mountain does serve buffalo tacos ...

Okay, here's a new one for ya! Tania's "33" makes hibiscus tacos. 

And this restaurant on South Fourth Avenue has some of the best in town. 

And guess what, they aren't made with corn ...

The tucked-away diner Sahuaro Cafe serves breakfast tacos starting at 6. 

The biggest taco in town is at this northside restaurant La Olla. 

Are Harvest's short rib tacos the ultimate Southwestern comfort food? 

The best tacos in Vail can be found between the railroad tracks. 

The historic Saguaro Corners has a hip menu out by Saguaro National Park.

Raw foodies can eat tacos too! Just head over to The Tasteful Kitchen. 

Tacos de Cabeza on Grant Road serves a Mexican delicacy, sesos.

Maico is conveniently located in a converted house off of South Park Avenue.