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Re: the June 25 column "Trump finds a friend in Arizona's 'maverick' senator."

The number of horrific mass murders combined with the gun culture in this country renders us an unsafe place to visit (let alone live). It is …

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ED Letter Hed goes here two lines

Senator Jeff Flake: For God's sake, when are you and your gutless colleagues in the Senate going to wake up? When is Congress going to do its job?

Part of the allure of the Donald Trump candidacy is the promise of rapid results. This is wishful thinking. The president elected this year wi…

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Do Americans like anyone in Washington, D.C.?

Captain Fitzsimmons perished at Normandy, Cut down by nazi gunfire as soon as the landing craft door swung down. My great uncle Kenneth, a fly…

Donald Trump may very well be the world's best salesman. He has sold himself as the Republican candidate on a campaign of impossible promises …

The considerable support for Donald Trump may be reflective of the populace's unhappiness with Congress. But with no change in the makeup of C…

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Readers call for weekend elections, support for anti-poverty acts, border 'wall'.

After a year of waiting, the Mexican restaurant has finally made it to Congress Street. 

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Opinions on airline seats vote, foster children report, San Xavier vandalism response.

Letters on Medicare Part D bill, out-of-pocket costs, Che Guevara cartoon.  

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Views on Cuba policy, pay hike for deputies, eroding water supply rule.

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Letters on dangerous left turn, climate change resolution, primary election issues.

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Opinions on Ann Weaver Hart's board position, ward-only elections, student building balconies.

Reader views on Trump, housing for the mentally ill, rattlesnake roundups.

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Reader statements on PCC expenditure limits, gun lobby violates rights, presidential candidates.

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Reader views on Greyhound Park, Regina Romero, True Islam campaign, Ben Carson.

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Opinions on refugee children and camp, dangerous court storming, UA psychiatry residents.