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Registered Democrat leaving post at Pima Community College.

Local Democrats aren't thrilled that "America's toughest sheriff" is spending the night in the Old Pueblo to raise money for Republicans.

Pima County Democratic Party precinct committee members will meet Saturday to recommend three possible replacements to fill an empty seat in t…

Precinct committee members with the Democratic Party will decide on finalists to replace State Sen. Linda Lopez late next week.

A single piece of paper is going to add a lot of work for the Pima County Board of Supervisors over the next few weeks.

  • By Darren DaRonco Arizona Daily Star

Thieves snatched the bust of former President John F. Kennedy from a downtown park during the weekend.

  • By Pat Darcy Special to the Arizona Daily Star

As someone who grew up in Tucson I have seen the best and worst of our city, and I feel it is headed in the wrong direction.

  • Brady McCombs Arizona Daily Star

Barber's entrance into the race would likely clear the field in the Democratic primary and could make Barber the favorite in the special election against the winner of the Republican primary, say political analysts.