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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

No drugs were found at Nogales crossing; woman held for seven hours.

  • Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

Woman was crossing back into Nogales when searched, held for seven hours.

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The "Warthogs" have been involved in fight against terror group, McCain says.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Two Arizona men were arrested in separate drug smuggling incidents Monday on the border, federal officials said.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Nearly $4 million worth of marijuana was seized in a shipment of tomatoes on Wednesday at the Nogales commercial port of entry, officials said.

Customs officers found more than clothes when they inspected a suitcase in the back of a vehicle at the Port of Nogales last week. 

Border Patrol agents arrested three Chinese nationals hidden in the trunk of a car at a checkpoint south of Tucson, officials said.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Nearly $600,000 in methamphetamine was seized by customs officials this week in two smuggling attempts.

You arrive at the store, money in hand and ready to spend, and are confronted by an hours-long line just to get to the door. Once you reach th…

  • Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

If you're visiting Mexico over the holiday weekend, remember there are restrictions on the types of food you can take into the country. Unless…

  • Perla Trevizo Arizona Daily Star

A detainee found guilty of felony second-degree robbery and countless convictions for prostitution and solicitation for lewd conduct was among…

  • Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

A Tucson man was arrested Tuesday after he tried to cross into Arizona with heroin wrapped around his waist and a small package of the drug tu…

  • Arizona Daily Star

A Mexican man was arrested Tuesday at a Nogales port of entry for attempting to smuggle more than a ton of marijuana into the United States.  


Customs and Border Patrol agents show off stacks of marijuana during a news conference Tuesday announcing the record seizure.

  • Benjie Sanders/Arizona Daily Sta

Guadalupe Ramirez

  • Perla Trevizo Arizona Daily Star

A drug cartel took a big hit when Nogales port of entry officials seized a marijuana cargo this month worth up to $12 million, the biggest pot…

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Jay Nunamaker

  • Kim Smith, Veronica M. Cruz and Jamar Younger Arizona Daily Star

Motorcyclist dies in west-side collision


Customs and Border Protection officer Dave Pelsue looks over some papers in the seat console while searching a Mexico-bound pickup truck at th…

  • Brady McCombs Arizona Daily Star

A U.S. campaign to slow southbound cash that fuels the Mexican drug wars has produced record seizures at Southwest border ports - but it doesn…