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Ricky Hernandez, chief financial officer at the Pima County School Superintendent's Office, explains how the state decides how much money scho…

Proposition 123 was approved by Arizona voters last month by a narrow margin. Ricky Hernandez of the Pima County School Superintendent's Offic…

So, according to Gov. Doug Ducey, "any elected official that has the public's trust would want to be responsive to the will of the people. The…

Gov. Doug Ducey just managed to take arrogance and chutzpah to an entirely new level. First he held a ‘formal signing ceremony’ for a proposit…

Re: the May 25 letters "Linking Prop. 123 to income is silly" and "Prop. 123 'no' voters support education."

Congratulations to all the citizens who voted “yes” on Proposition 123. You are the best non-lawyers that money can buy on behalf of Gov. Doug…

Re: the May 22 article "Prop. 123 voting in Pima reflected economic divide."

Re: the May 25 column "Post-123, upping school funding will be a hard sell."

The future of our society depends upon the education of our children. It is not enough for your child and my child to have the opportunities t…

Re: the May 22 article "Prop. 123 voting in Pima reflected economic divide."

Re: the May 22 article "Prop. 123 Voting in Pima Reflected Economic Divide."

Imagine how much good might have been done with the $5 million in dark money that was put up just so the governor and Legislature could be all…

My 'no' vote on Prop. 123 had nothing to do with the political climate. It plainly and simply is not a smart deal. A good investor does not bi…

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The measure taps the state land trust to fund more than half of $3.5 billion in new school spending over 10 years.

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Final results won't be known until later today at the earliest, and likely later in the week.

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Early results show slight lead for plan to funnel $3.5 billion into Arizona’s schools.

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Part of a plan to settle yearslong lawsuit over inflation funding to schools.

Reader thoughts on Illegal Pete's, Dr. Rhee's departure, privatizing medical response.

Follow environmental act on Rosemont, no more establishment candidates, neighbors reject homeless. 

Letters on Ann Day, misleading 123 advertising, mountain lion shootings.