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  • The Associated Press

The December 2010 killing of Brian Terry near Nogales exposed the Fast and Furious operation.

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  • By Astrid Galvan The Associated Press

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a shootout in 2010.

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Letters on 'El Chapo' escape, Huckelberry's salary, Texas Whataburgers, school librarians. 

  • By Nedra Pickler and Jim Kuhnhenn The Associated Press

President Barack Obama planned to announce Holder's departure later Thursday.

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  • By Astrid Galvan The Associated Press

Sens. McCain, Flake seeking information on zero-tolerance program.

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Gary Kiehne nearly broke a persistent political trend. 

  • The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A federal judge says she is leaning toward allowing President Barack Obama's claim of executive privilege in Operation Fast and …

  • By Gary Meinert Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Almost daily I read comments regarding the Border Patrol by those who profess knowledge but  whose inaccuracies are taken as truths by readers.

A former Customs and Border Protection officer convicted on charges that he let marijuana be smuggled from Mexico into southeastern Arizona sh…

The following editorial appeared Wednesday in the Dallas Morning News:

WASHINGTON — Four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes since 2009 in Pakistan and Yemen, the Obama administration acknowledged …

The following editorial appeared Sunday in the Washington Post:

  • David Fitzsimmons The Arizona Daily Star

To stop leaks the White House recently created a plumbers unit and in the name of in the name of national security called G. Gordon Liddy out …

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WASHINGTON — A bid by Senate Democrats on Wednesday for fast confirmation of John Brennan’s nomination to be CIA director hit a snag after a s…

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Monday night sought dismissal of a lawsuit by a Republican-led House committee demanding that Attorney …


A U.S. Border Patrol truck blocks the road near where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in an overnight shootout in December 2010 wes…

  • MATT YORK / AP 2011

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  • Tim Steller Arizona Daily Star

Federal agents and prosecutors in Arizona put the public at risk in their zeal to build big gunrunning cases in Tucson and Phoenix, a new Just…


U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed on Dec. 14, 2010, near the Arizona-Mexico border.

  • MATT YORK / AP 2011

Bill Newell, special agent in charge of the Phoenix ATF, is accused of misleading higher-ups.