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Kirkpatrick says more people have coverage under Obamacare; Tobin says fewer.

  • By Tom Margenau Creators Syndicate

Q: My mother died on July 25. When we looked into her checking account a few weeks later, we found out her Social Security check for July had …

  • Tom Margenau Creators Syndicatee

Earnings-sharing proposals fail the fairness test.

  • By Tom Margenau Creators Syndicate

Clearing up common misunderstandings about earned benefits and how they're calculated. 

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Whistleblower who notified government will get nearly $6 million.

A longtime Social Security spokesman shares his expertise with readers.

Candidates comment on Medicaid, job training, public lands, budget cuts, and immigration.

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Arizona provided food stamps and welfare benefits to some people behind bars — and some who were dead — according to a new report.

  • By Michael Gerson Washington Post Writers Group

Supporters of Obamacare are celebrating that the law is not an unmitigated disaster, just a mitigated one.

Attendees at this weekend’s Fourth Avenue Street Fair will be able to mix shopping and eating with starting the health-insurance enrollment process.

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — The state House voted Thursday to put a five-year lifetime cap on government-funded health care — but not for everyone.

With a deadline looming, the federal government is stepping up efforts to enroll Arizonans in health insurance.

The federal government has denied a request from the city of Tucson that would have allowed local hospitals to draw down millions of governmen…

Twenty-year-old Amy Escobar has no health insurance and says she doesn’t know anything about President Obama’s health law.

A Tucson-based insurance company is diversifying from covering only government plans and will be part of the Arizona marketplace created under…

  • By Ken Alltucker The Arizona Republic

Paperwork filed by five major health insurers gives Arizona its first glimpse of how much the Affordable Care Act will cost consumers when the…

  • By Casey and Punch Woods Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Kids have to eat before they can learn. It’s just common sense; cognition is a function of nutrition. The good news is we have the food progra…

  • By Lauran Neergaard The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Medicare begins a major change next month that could save older diabetics money and time when they buy crucial supplies to test t…

Gov. Jan Brewer  led a lively “pep rally” for Medicaid expansion at Tucson Medical Center this morning , drawing cheers, shouts of support and…

PHOENIX — Calling the governor's proposal unacceptable and politically unsalable at the Legislature, House Speaker Andy Tobin unveiled a new p…