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Youth, 12 to 16 years old, learned how to stop bleeding, address with heat-related injury and recognize signs of stroke during Drexel Heights …

  • Arizona Daily Star

Decorations, cooking, even social media can add  hazards to your holiday.

  • By Peter Warren Special to the Arizona Daily Star

This is the debut of a gardening column that will appear twice a month in the Star’s Home + Life section.

  • By Peter Warren Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Q: I have prickly pear cactus that has white patches on the pads that looks like little bits of cotton. What is this, and is this bad for the plant?

A group of volunteer firefighters in Mammoth is raising money to make sure the town’s residents have fire protection that most people take for…

  • Carmen Duarte Arizona Daily Star

Three boys were cited for reckless burning Monday after they played with fireworks, which started a brush fire in the Santa Cruz River in Mara…