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  • The Associated Press

The magnitude-4.7 temblor was felt Sunday night.

  • Anastasia Reynolds Cronkite News

Monitoring program used to determine whether UA observatory harms the creatures’ population.

Yes, we believe that is an index finger raised in our direction

From Southern Arizona's police blotters.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Oak Fire being managed to benefit the environment

  • Arizona Daily Star

A technology company has established its U.S. headquarters in the Tucson area, with plans for a $6 million capital investment and the hiring o…

A UA doctoral graduate was honored by the White House on Tuesday for his work to provide area students with the opportunity to experience natu…

  • Alexis Huicochea Arizona Daily Star

A Buena High School junior took first place in the 29th annual High School Shakespeare Competition earlier this month.

  • By Brittny Mejia For the Arizona Daily Star

Commercial rafting companies are canceling their seasons along the Upper Salt River and the Verde River due to a depleted water supply, forcin…

In honor of the rodeo, which kicks off with the famous Rodeo Parade on Thursday, most of Tucson’s kids have a four-day weekend. Lucky for us, …

  • By Adelita Grijalva Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Arizona ranks near the very bottom in per-pupil funding. Limited state support for public education coupled with diminishing federal support h…

  • By Sharon Bronson Special to the Arizona Daily Star

There are times when looking at a big issue through lenses that focus on many, smaller, contributing parts can mask very damaging effects.

  • By Virgil Davis Special to the Arizona Daily Star

All residents in Pima County are created equal and assume they are equally entitled to their water. This assumption could be jeopardized if Ro…

  • By E. Linwood Smith Special to the Arizona Daily Star

More than two decades ago I provided the Pima County Board of Supervisors with testimony regarding desert bighorn sheep on Pusch Ridge in the …

  • Veronica M. Cruz Arizona Daily Star

Tucson police have identified the man found dead in the Santa Cruz River Friday as 34-year-old Owen McNutt.

YUMA — Wildlife officers — swooping out of the sky in helicopters and wielding net guns — snared fleet bighorn sheep in rugged mountains north…

  • By Pat Darcy Special to the Arizona Daily Star

As someone who grew up in Tucson I have seen the best and worst of our city, and I feel it is headed in the wrong direction.

As your wine tasting weekend winds down and hunger sets in, consider a side trip to Sierra Vista for a type of cuisine that’s hard to find in Tucson.

  • By Scott J. Altherr Special to the Arizona Daily Star

As I sit back and ponder the future of Vail and the upcoming election that will determine whether it becomes an incorporated town, I ask mysel…

Hikers, bird-watchers, picnickers — heck, just about everybody who loves the outdoors — cheered the reopening Thursday of Sabino Canyon and Sa…