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  • Natalie Morin and Ashley Eneriz,


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Trump and Hitler comparisons, public lands and campaign math. 

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Tucson-based Raytheon unit also wins a new contract for the latest version of the Rolling Airframe Missile.

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Reader opinions on Planned Parenthood, higher property taxes, UA president's housing allowance. 

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Reader opinions on end-of-life plan, Trump comment, education rankings.

  • Arizona Daily Star

First early-warning plane retired by NATO amid budget constraints.


East German border guards watch a bulldozer tearing down parts of the Berlin Wall, Nov. 10, 1989, to make more space for more border crossings…

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  • By Patrick McNamara Arizona Daily Star

Commission says co-workers subjected men to constant slurs.

Plenty to do at the tail end of October.

  • By Paul Pedersen Special to the Arizona Daily Star

It’s hot. So sit back, relax and sip a cool, refreshing summer beer 

  • By Patrick McNamara Arizona Daily Star

He was just a boy when his dad was killed, leaving Bill Kelley much to learn about the man his dad was through the many letters and writings h…

  • By Michael Gerson Washington Post Writers Group

KIGALI, Rwanda — At the 20th commemoration of the Rwandan genocide, the most moving moments were unplanned.

It’s easier than you think to fill three days with activities revolving around the 1975 cult hit, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Seven-year-old Baylen Washburn loves all things medieval — castles, kings, knights and dragons.

Tucson-based Raytheon Missile Systems is teaming up with the world’s second-biggest space technology company to bid for a major role in

More gadgetry was unveiled at the annual IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. In addition to the DickTracy-style smartwatches, the show fe…

Rosemont Copper has signed a letter with a dozen international banks that shows it is close to getting financing to build the $1.22 billion Ro…

Although protests in Turkey have caught the news media's attention, there are protests going on in nearly every corner of the world and many o…

A soldier from Tucson was killed Wednesday while serving in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said Friday.

A former Tucson man who was convicted of molesting his daughter 12 years ago will be sentenced in October.