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The GOP is soft on crime. Background checks would save lives. Banning assault rifles would save lives. Law enforcement needs the tools to prev…

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With a splash of history and a dose of reassurance, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican Donald Trump claimed their parties' presidential nominations and are turning their political guns on each other.

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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

Will likely need court order to get nominee listed.

Re: the June 2 editorial cartoon.

  • AP Photo/Marcy Nighswander

First Lady Barbara Bush, left, greets First Lady-to-be Hillary Clinton at the White House, Thursday, Nov. 19, 1992, Washington, D.C. Mrs. Bush…

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Presidential candidate slates consist mostly of Maricopa County representatives.

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Who state Republicans send to Cleveland could play pivotal role in election.


Despite immigration being a key talking point on the campaign trail, the numbers don’t always match up with the hype.

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In 1969, the 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, died in Washington, D.C. at age 78.

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Tickets still available for both rallies.

  • By Joe Ferguson Arizona Daily Star

He will hold a rally at the Tucson Convention Center.

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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

Critics say changes make it harder for voters to know who is trying to influence elections.

  • By Sarah Garrecht Gassen The Arizona Daily Star

She offers a wandering word-salad endorsement of Trump. 

Education funding, marijuana legalization, CD1 Republicans and District 4 supervisors. 

  • Rob Rogers / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

Proceeds in the fund come from an 80-cent-a-pack tax on cigarettes.

Margaret Burkholder, Bill Hunt and Kelly Lawton declare themselves city council candidates.

  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

New laws make in harder for smaller party candidates to get on the ballot.

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If you want change, you must find ways to work for it.