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Politicians all over the country are now in a great gun debate: who should be able to buy one, carry one, and on and on. A lot of the debate i…

The GOP is soft on crime. Background checks would save lives. Banning assault rifles would save lives. Law enforcement needs the tools to prev…

Re: the June 23 article "Dems stage sit-in; disrupt House over gun laws."

Re: the June 23 article "Dems stage sit-in, disrupt House over gun laws."

The Senate voted down four gun control proposals. Two submitted by Democrats and two submitted by Republicans. All four were voted down despit…

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Ash wants delegates bound to Trump, and more on Hernandez, Grijalva and LaWall.

Republican logic: People on the terror watch list should be able to get guns because preventing them from doing so would violate a Constitutio…

The number of horrific mass murders combined with the gun culture in this country renders us an unsafe place to visit (let alone live). It is …

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  • Arizona Daily Star

Orderly Trump rally in Phoenix targets Democrats, gun control

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ED Letter Hed goes here two lines


Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has begun a filibuster to force action on a gun control legislation in the Senate. Murphy says he will remain on t…

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Tucson is one of many places where survivors have turned pain into action.

When drafting the Constitution, giving citizens the right to bear arms was a correct decision. Who could have envisioned what that "right" has…

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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

Measure bars public employees from enforcing such actions.

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Readers point out DTAP success, Campbell improvement problems, State of the Union reaction.

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Letters on republicans ACA repeal, cost of migrant shelters, McSally's voting record.

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Readers reply to letters on KidsCare insurance, WWII female pilots, unemployment numbers. 

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Opinions on Trans Pacific Partnership, 'neocon' column, "I've got mine" attitude.

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Views on constitutionalists, the second amendment and executive action, lessons of prohibition.  

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Opinions on background checks, Rubio's Senate gambit, states-rights bill.