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#31. Idaho: Pocatello

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Training at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base through Aug. 24, officials say.

  • Arizona Daily Star

Authorities have yet to provide a cause of death or motive for the killings.

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SCOTTSDALE — Scott Huff remembers the old days, before Boise State was a household name, and that blue turf was a household turf, and long bef…

  • By Kimberly Pierceall The Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — Same-sex couples who lined up to get married in Idaho and made plans to obtain wedding licenses in Las Vegas had their hopes dashe…

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  • By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

Ruling by 9th Circuit sets tone for states in the region. Appeal possible.

  • By Paul Elias The Associated Press

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the bans violated equal protection rights.

  • By Paulina Pineda Cronkite News Service

Petition cites 110,000 square miles of potential bear habitat in four Western states.

  • By Donald A. Falk and Gregg M. Garfin Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Earlier this year, scientists at the NOAA Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii announced a major threshold in the Earth system had been crossed: th…

  • By Angela Pittenger Arizona Daily Star

AC/DC, Addams Family and Indiana Jones are about as different as they come, but they do have at least one thing in common.

  • By William Kronholm The Associated Press

SUN VALLEY, Idaho — Stuffed morel mushrooms and braised free-range chicken with fennel puree and blackberry compote. Served on linen tableclot…

In Idaho, fire crews prepared to capitalize on favorable winds and lower temperatures to continue burnout operations around the small mountain…

  • Arizona Daily Star

The Department of Defense has released its final enivornmental impact statement dealing with the proposed location of an F-35A training center…

BOISE, Idaho — Police in southwest Idaho say a man chose briefs over boxers to wear on his head as he held up a coffee shop and stole a safe.

  • The Associated Press

COEUR d'ALENE, Idaho - A Washington state man faces felony marijuana trafficking charges after an officer found 3.3 pounds of marijuana wrappe…

  • By Tim Woodward McClatchy Newspapers

HOMEDALE, Idaho — The two-word command is barely audible.

  • Photos by Shawn Raecke / Idaho Statesman